Tuesday, August 17, 2010

broken heart

Sapphire held Shane's hand as he bent down and kissed her. "I now give you Mr. And Mrs. Shane Colt!" He parted from her and raised their hands. Ashton clapped with the congregation. They were mixed with red, orange, and blue, and purple from both sides.

Later that night at the reception Shane took her hand and spun her around and around taking his hand and running along part of her dress. It went up in flames and she came out with a red knee length cocktail dress with red pumps.

"Shane..." It was his father's deep voice. Sapphire jump and spun around clinging to Shane, "...we need to talk."

"Not now!"

"Yes now Shane!" Sapphire stepped in front of Shane.

"Not at MY reception. Shove off! You guys can talk later." The fury in the older man's face was evident.

"Please father, let me have this time, for once stop trying to have all the glory and let me and my wife have ours." He took her by the waist and led her into a dance.


Later that night Shane led Sapphire to the plane for their honeymoon in New York. Her heart was pounding the whole total of twelve hours with all the delays. She was terrified of what would happen when they got there. Would he leave her? Would he second think the wedding. Would he turn into the monster Ashton had when she just touched him?

Monday, August 16, 2010


When Shane finally came back home Sapphire was standing in the kitchen doing dishes. He came behind her and put his lips to her shoulder. With irritation she shrugged him off of her.

"What's wrong?" He asked her.

"You are." She returned turning to him.

"Please understand."

"Just go away."

"I will not go away!" He said taking her shoulders and pressing his lips to hers. She tried to fight him away but it did nothing but draw her into him. By the time she set her hands on his chest her eyes were glowing red and watching him as he pulled back.

"You have me, always Shane." She sounded different, almost robotic.

"I don't understand."

"I follow you, whatever you want I am here." He pushed her hands away from him.

"I want you for who you are! Not what you can give me Sapphire. I don't want a mono toned wife! I want one who has fury, yet melts, who is independent, yet chooses to be dependent on me." He was hold her chin focusing in on her eyes. He stood there as they turned a light lavender. She was cold to the touch but it made him smile. She was who she was meant to be.

"You don't want to control me anymore?" He pressed his head to hers.

"I never wanted to, but no. I want you to love me because you want to, not because I made you." A giggle came from her at his words.

"I always chose to love you baby, not even you, who is a collection of things, could MAKE me love you."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

change of heart

Sapphire got up in the middle of the night. She fell into the door frame. Something was wrong. When she made it to the bathroom her eyes were swirled with amber and blue. She was caught in the middle of an element battle within herself.


"What is happening to me? Why am I so weak? Shane it is time you start giving me answers." he looked at her, her skin was so dark, she had been pale only hours earlier.

"You are stuck at a crossroads. This time i can't help you." she mustered all the energy to slap him her hand flaming with fire when she did.

"This is all your fault!" she screamed holding onto the sink for support.

"You chose to love me." he said quietly.

"I did didn't I? Well this isn't fair! Take me to my mother! You owe me that much. I will accept both sides...I will be the middle man between our worlds." She was rambling, this was a good sigh.

"I can't take you now! Are you insane!? You could be killed!"

"I thought you were the one dying for me! Now take me! Now!" She put her fists on his chest.

"You are insane. No, I will take you when you can fight for yourself by my side." He turned from her and left her there while he went for a walk. Ashton met him not long after.

"She hit you." He laughed for a moment.

"Drop it Ashton! I am not in the mood for your schemes." Shane said as he kept walking.

"I have heard of men beating their women, but not the other way around."

"She slapped me, end of story, she had a right to." He said leaning against a building.

"What did you do?"

"I won't take her to see her mother until she is strong enough to fight. She will have to fight for her life there." They just stood there for a while in understanding silence. Shane flamed his hands in anger and pounded them into the wall causing singe marks. Ashton saw his brother through clear eyes for the first time in a long time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ashton broke into Sapphire's room. His eyes searched the room before finding them. She was laying in bed and he was sitting in a chair beside it. Little did Ashton know of their fight or that right after it she became ill. He watched the rise and fall of his brother's back with each breath.

"She is asleep, do not stress her now by waking her." A hand came on his shoulder. When he looked behind it was his father. "You took great risk in breaking from our prison. She is sick, and you are not going to disturb her." He pulled Ashton out of the room.

"You have met her?" He asked.

"No, not yet, I just felt you near your brother. Come my son, tell me why you have rejected me." Ashton sat in a chair.

"You try to kill her people! Do you think when she finds out about her mother she will stay with Shane? I mean..." His father flamed his hands.

"He told her!" The anger was clear in his voice.


"He told her and she fell ill, most likely because of her internal struggle between Shane's world and her own." Aston crossed his arms.

"What do you want? You are being too nice to me." He questioned.

"Nothing, I truly want you to be home again, I miss my son." His words hit Ashton like a bomb.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Shane sat on the balcony smoking with a beer in his hand. Sapphire leaned on the door frame just watching him. Her eyes flashed toward the door of her apartment. With no resolve in her heart about leaving for a few days to get away she came to him wrapping her arms around him from behind.

"Who are you?" She whispered in his ear playing with the lighter she had taken from his hand.

"You know who I am" he replied.

"You still lie to me Shane." Her voice became cold as she pushed away from his warmth.

"If I told you, you would not love me, and I would have to hurt you, neither of which I want to happen." He disappeared then was in front of her taking her hands. His eyes were burning red.

"Leave me alone Shane!" She yelled dousing him with water.

"You wanna know me?!" She turned and walked away.

"I don't waste my breath on things Shane." She said slamming a cup on the counter.

"I am the son of the man who killed your mother! I am keeping you from him so he will not kill you and in the process I fell in love with you! I am still on their side, but I don't know where I stand anymore! I am your fiancé! I am the man who will die for you!" He shouted hearing the drop of the cup she had fixed tea in. It shattered into pieces. Her eyes were wide and she backed away from his angry and hurt frame.

"What?" Her eyes were changing from amber to blue again then back as she battled. His body was on fire as he stepped near her. She slipped on the glass but he caught he wrist meeting her eyes as he pulled her near. She became ice cold in an effort to keep her anger with him.

"I will not be made the enemy, my heart can't take a blow like that Sapphire." She made blue flame like things in her hands.

"Get away from me!" She screamed in tears shooting at him. "You are going to die?! You have made me love you and you are going to leave?! Forget my mother...she had her time here, you are going to leave?!" She questioned blowing an icey fire at him every step he took toward her.

"I may not die in saving you, but it is not out of my mind. And your mother, Ruth, isn't dead, she is just detained. My father has been keeping her. Let me near you!" He took her wrist and felt he body go limp when he held her out of exhaustion.

"My mom is alive?" She cried.

"Yes, now rest." He touched her forehead with his lips. "You will see her shortly." She did not fight him as he picked her up and set her on the couch. He made water from the sink come to him and he put it into a towel before putting it on her head.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Sapphire sat up in her reading chair, one right by the window with her ipod in her ears. She turned her hand every which way to observe the shining thing on her finger. A smile crept onto her face.

"Come on...focus." she said to herself studying a page of a book she had gotten from Shane. It had strange words in it, his native language, or base language for whatever he did. She came across something about the body being sacred.

"It is late, why are you still up?" Shane came into the living area observing her. She waved him away. He approached her letting water sit in a bowl he was holding. "Come, let me teach you of myself." she set the book aside.

"What am I to do?" her amber eyes looked at his face.

"Close your eyes and focus on a lake. Focus on the gentle waves." she did so as he took her hand and placed it over the bowl and waited. Her brows were showing her concentration. Waves began coming to her after about ten minutes. "Open your eyes." he whispered gently. She did looking at what she was doing.

"I can control water too!?" her excitement made him smile as her own widened.

"You can control anything, as long as you have a mind to listen and learn."

"You sound like obi from star wars. Can i do it again?!" with her woords came a small laugh and nod from Shane.

"Okay...small waves...small waves." a loud crash outside broke her concentration and sent water flying onto Shane. With wide eyes she turned to him after looking at the window. "Did I do that?"

"Yes, you did. You must let nothing break your focus. That is enough, come to bed." she rose an eyebrow.

"I hope you mean my own bed, because acording to your little book there, you would loos yoour rights too have control of anything, even a woman if you broke the vow before marriage." she put her hands on her hips. He was laughing.

"Yes, your own bed love." she smiled throwing snoow in his face gently.

"Yes daddy dearest." she mocked. He flamed his hands and she sqealed running into the hall. Shane waited for the door to shut before sitting down.

Ashton woke up with a groan. His whole body hurt and his sister was smiling at him from the other side of the jail cell.

"Good morning dear brother, have a nice rest?"

"Where Is Shane?" he asked rubbing his head.

"My guess would be celebrating his and Sapphire's engagement. They make a lovely couple don't you think?" her smile was evil and dark.

"They WHAT?!" he shot up and reached through the bars.

"A sneaky little witch isn't she? Shane is perfect for her, he is training her well. So perfect he fell in love. Daddy told me he approved of the marriage. They are going to be the most powerful thing this world has ever seen! You thought that locking her away would stop him? You fool!" he hit the bars of the cell.

"So he does love her? That is why he has not brought her, to keep her away from Dad."

"Actually, he is keeping her to make her invencible, which, sorry to say, worked for pathetic little you. Idiot! Did you think Shane would be able to keep her memories away!? He gave them back the night she hit phase three, concidering it a...welcome home present." her voice got low and black before she walked away.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

she's ready

Flair smiled at her brother.

"She is ready." He shook his head taking Sapphire by the arm.

"What did I tell you?!" He looked hurt and Sapphire became small.

"I'm sorry Shane." Her voice was small. Flair took Ashton's arm and disappeared. Shane took her hands. He heated them with fire thinking.

"This body is sacred." He made a circle with his finger creating a small flame. "You are a fire of your own, but you are to reckless, you let it blow up." He made it burst into an inferno. Her eyes were intent on what he was doing.

"I will get better Shane." She crossed her arms. He took her hands again.

"I am not finished!" He put water in her hands. "You are like a river, always moving." He made a stream of water in the air then let it settle. "You must settle down, and not let anger rule you. Or you will fail. And become barren." She bit her tongue.

"Forgive me, teach me..."

"Be with me..." He said opening his hand with a ring in it.